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Saturday, October 6, 2007


The principle of homeopathic remedies is known as the "Law of Similars" (or "Like cures like"). What this means is that substances that cause healthy people to get symptoms can cure diseases that have these symptoms.In conventional medicine, the symptoms are considered to be a manifestation of the disease. The drugs are given to kill the bacteria causing the symptoms. Homeopathic medicine, on the other hand, see the symptoms as the body's attempt to heal itself. It's a positive sign that the body's defense mechanism is trying to fight the disease. It's part of the healing process and hence the symptoms should not be contained or suppressed.That's why when you use homeopathic remedies, you may feel worse before you feel better. Unlike conventional medicines, homeopathy remedies act first on the emotional symptoms, before they cure the physical ones. In essence, it is the opposite of traditional medicines.Here is an example to explain the principle of the Law of Similars: Let’s assume you have developed a severe rash.
Let’s also assume you have taken a prescribed medication to dissipate the rash. Suddenly you experience side effects from this medication and research its ingredients. Now, let’s assume once again that your spouse has a terrible cold. You find that the ingredients in the medication you took for the rash can get rid of a cold, provided it is prepared by a homeopathic professional and given in a small dose.Furthermore, anyone who is using homeopathy to cure an illness should be aware that there are certain foods and drinks to avoid because they counteract the remedy’s potency. For example, homeopathic practitioners advise not to drink caffeine or eat anything with mint as this can suppress the remedy and render it ineffective.
When you seek homeopathic remedies from practitioners or pharmacies, remember to ask questions about the remedy.
For example: What foods or drinks should be avoided? A homeopathic professional should be able to give you detailed instructions on the use of the remedy and how it affects you according to the information you give them.Thus, the reason you may feel worse after utilizing a homeopathic remedy may be because you are consuming other ingredients that are in direct conflict with the remedy itself.Finally, with most prescribed medications, the doctor will tell you to continue to take the medication even though you are feeling fine. Conversely, with homeopathic remedies, the opposite is tr

pain relif for lower back

If the patient has fever, or has a history of cancer, or has suffered severe trauma, or is experiencing major weakness in the legs or is facing a serious problem in holding back his urine or stool, the situation requires immediate qualified medical attention. Generally back pains take place due to either muscle strain, or due to a herniated lumbar disc or any other form of wasting disease of the lumbar discs.
Among the many complex reasons which cause back pain one of the most common is the irritation of the many large and small nerves which originate at lower back and spread right up to the feet or palms. The erector spinae may also get strained and cause severe back pain. Another more obvious cause of lower back pain is damage of the bones, joints or ligaments in that area.It may sound strange, but there are some lower back pains which baffle the doctors.
Not matter how hard they try, they are unable to pinpoint any cause and are unable to answer why the patient is suffering in agony.
But the comforting fact is that most of the lower back pains disappear after they have run their course and only a few really require surgery of any kind. Often, a good physiotherapist is also able to provide much relief. However, in severe or persistent cases, the opinion of an orthopaedic surgeon on the need for surgery could be helpful.Some doctors are of the opinion that lower back pain occurs not only because of physical reasons but may also occur due to mental stress and tension.
Stress at the workplace, an abusive or dominating boss, or, incompatibility with professional colleagues can also pressurize a person and a lower back pain may emerge as a psychosomatic disorder. So, if you experience a lower back pain try to relax and you may feel a gradual relief.This article may be freely reprinted for your website, ezine, or blog so long as it’s reproduced in full, with the links, content and author credits unchanged.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Learning about toning exercises for women is the first step to a safe and effective fitness program for women. When you're ready to take your health into your own hands, you want to learn as much as you can about the proper ways to workout. This knowledge will help you make the most of each movement as well as prevent discouraging injuries along the way. Here are some simple toning exercises for women that you can perform anywhere at any time.What's great about many toning exercises for women is that they don't require any equipment or any initial monetary investment. All you'll need for the following toning exercises for women is a sturdy chair or wall.
You can perform these exercises in order or you can do these toning moves whenever you have a free moment – it all adds up to a fitter you.* Wall pushups – On a sturdy wall, place your hands in front of you and slowly lean into the wall. Push back off with your arms and chest. Repeat.* Squats – Standing with your feet a little more than shoulder's width apart, slowly bend your knees to come into a sitting position, but don't let your knees extend past your toes as you do so.
Your upper body should be as straight as possible (imagine a string attached to the top of your head as you move). Lower until almost at a ninety degree angle and then lift back up. * Suck it in – While this seems a little too easy, try holding your stomach in as tightly as you can for as long as you can. You will work out all of the muscles in your abdomen. Do this whenever you can. You can perform the same tightening motion for your buttocks too to increase their tone.* Calf raises – In a standing position, try to lift your heels from the floor and hold in that position.
Slowly lower yourself down.These toning exercises for women are simply to do when you're standing around at work or when you're in line at the post office. And while they don't require any weights or resistance bands, they can be modified to include these forms of resistance as you improve your fitness levels. You will also want to remember that the more toning exercises for women you do, the more benefits you will receive in return. So, if you only have a few minutes to spare, try to fit in as many exercises you can. You may even begin to enjoy standing in line once you see the way your body changes

Monday, July 2, 2007


If you always suffer from headaches for being cooped up in the office all day, you are not alone. Such headache is often accompanied by fatigue and tired eyes which is due more to the office environment than anything else. It makes you lose concentration and interest and you ended up feeling irritable and unproductive. But wait, before you start reaching for that painkiller tablet, try these 4 tips first and see if it helps.1) More Fresh AirMost office buildings are air-conditioned where supply of fresh air is poor.
The air quality worsens with the chemicals released from the air-conditioning system, air fresheners, insecticides, pesticides and the pollutants already existing in the building. When we breathe in these harmful substances, it's no surprise that we have headaches.The best way is to open the office windows regularly to let in fresh air, though this is near impossible in most high-rise office buildings. Alternatively, get out of the buildings at times for a breather. By investing in air purifiers or/and filters, you can enhance the quality of office air. You also should increase the cleaning frequency of the office air-conditioning system.2) Your Eyes Need to Breathe TooIf we overwork our eyes, it could lead to headaches too.
This is because the muscles around our eyes get cramps which will stress the optic nerves connecting to our brain. Focus your eyes on a distant object from a high place for 5 to 10 minutes to rest your eyes. You should do this after every hour staring at the computer or the documents.Perhaps it is time for a checkup visit at your optometrist to get a new pair of eyeglasses.3) Mind Your Sitting PositionMany of us may not be aware that a poor sitting posture may hinder blood circulation, thereby causing headaches. As a rule of thumb, always keep the head aligned with the spine, and the wrists straight and aligned with the forearms. That's why our chairs are very important in giving us a good support for our backs to avoid slouching.
Try to kick bad habits that could over-exert your muscles, leading to headaches, e.g. we have the habit of typing on the keyboard and talking on the phone with it clamping between our shoulder and ear at the same time. Over-exertion of muscles for a long time could lead to headaches.4) Stress is the KillerStress, coupled with exhaustion & anxiety, could easily lead to headaches or tension in the neck muscles. Though this is mostly unavoidable in our fast-paced environment, we should somehow learn to "spread out" our stress. Step away from the computer awhile, either to chat with colleagues or have a cup of hot tea. It benefits you to get away from your computer awhile

Friday, June 15, 2007


Many people are suffering from stress; it becomes part of their lives. But of course, you have to do something to cure it.There can be too many reasons why people are experiencing stress; it can be because of too many pressures in your work, too many things to worry about and so on. Yes, there are plenty of instances or factors that can lead someone to stress.Indeed, some level of stress can still be helpful to you since it can motivate you to do your work well and to accomplish it on time and completely.
However, when stress become severe, it is no longer okay, since it can ruin your routine and your daily activities, it is no longer healthy when it reaches to that point. If you are worrying severely then it can lead to stress disorder.Prescribed medication is one of the ways that you can use in order to cure stress. But many people do not want to use prescribed medication since they are worrying about the harmful reactions that they can have in using it. Luckily, there are still some ways that you can do and use in order to cure stress naturally.Herbal remedy is one good way in order to fight stress. And it should be accompanied with exercise, balanced diet and to have someone to talk things out to. These can be helpful to relieve you from stress.Exercising is one good way that you must do to fight stress. You can give at least 30 minutes of your time each day to do ether walking, swimming, biking, dancing, jogging and so on. Just make sure that you choose and do the activities that can make you enjoy.
Doing few of these physical activities can help you be relaxed. You have to know that relaxation is helpful in making your mind calm.If you have any problem, it is better to find someone to talk things out, like with your family or friends. Talking about your problem with family and friends can make you feel much better, it actually make you be relieve from stress.You have to know that too much stress can weaken your immune system, so it is better for someone who is suffering from stress to eat balanced diet. It is recommended to lessen your carbohydrate intake, and it is suggested to have high protein diet. Another ways to boost your immune system are by reducing your coffee and soft drinks intake.Herbal remedy is another great way to fight stress.
There are masses of herbal remedies that you can use for your stress. You certainly know that herbal remedy is much better since it can cure your problem effectively and naturally. One of these herbal remedies that you can use is relagen. Relagen is made with 100% all natural ingredients, so it is safe and effective to use.
There are a lot more, all you need to do is choose wisely, research and read carefully.You have to cure your stress as soon as possible, you have to take god care of your health, since stress can even lead to other illnesses such as depression, low self-esteem and alcoholism. Using herbal remedy can be an effective way to fight stress but it is highly recommended to combine it with exercise and balanced

Monday, June 11, 2007


Many people today are making the decision to workout and achieve better physical conditioning. Unfortunately, for most people that’s all it is-a decision. They never actually take the steps necessary to achieve those goals. The reason for this is they set impossible goals that could never be achieved.A very quick and relatively easy method to achieve you fitness goals is with the aid of exercise equipment for a home gym.
When you have to get in your car and drive a half hour every time you want to work out, you won’t have much incentive to complete your goals. When all you have to do when you get home from work is throw on some workout clothes and begin exercising, you have a lot more incentive to get started. The first thing to do when searching for exercise equipment for your home gym is to determine what type of workout you really need and also enjoy. For instance, you might be a great distance runner, but it might be time to develop those upper body muscles.
If that’s the case, than you’ll want to purchase a weight set or equipment that focuses on your upper body. If you don’t work out at all and have no idea where to start, it’s best to start doing what you enjoy. For instance, if you know that you enjoy running but hate the thought to lifting weights, don’t purchase a weight machine out of guilt; buy the treadmill and start achieving good health.There is nothing more wasteful than purchasing exercise equipment for your home gym that you will never use. Unfortunately, all too many people make their buying decisions out of guilt; they know they should be doing a certain workout, so they force themselves to purchase the equipment; 5 months later, they haven’t even touched it.
Once the right workout is established, you will want to find the best brand name to purchase. Fortunately, this process is relatively easy. Don’t go to the store to find what you want; often times the salesman will pitch every piece of equipment that the store sells and you won’t get an honest appraisal. Do your research on the internet; there are many great online reviews of the different exercise equipment for your home gym and their overall reliability.
Once you find one that consistently gets good ratings from the experts and satisfied customers, only then should you move forward with your purchase. Follow these simple tips to finding the right exercise equipment for your home gym, and you will be on your way to achieving your fitness goals quickly and easily. The most important step? Get started today. Don’t wait until tomorrow or the next day; just buy the exercise equipment for your home gym, establish a plan to achieve your goals, and take action immediately